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We have already had a significant impact on the Moldovan community.
To date, Moldova Mission has raised $800,000 which has been applied to the construction of Six Bible huts, Chapel, Welcome center/Infirmary, two hope houses, dining hall and two cabins. With your support, we can continue to follow through with our mission to provide hope, guidance, and, most importantly an introduction to Jesus, as well as empowerment among the youth of Moldova.



• Church Groups
• College Students
• Youth Leaders



$15: The cost for a Moldovan child to register for camp
$25: Bibles for 5 kids
$50: Monthly salary for one Moldovan camp worker
$100: Moldova Mission expenses for one week of camp for one camper



Long-term (annual) gifts
Camper sponsorship opportunities range from one-time support of a single camper to annual support for 100 campers.

Qty. Funding Partners Amount Total Frequency Sponsors
14 Angels $10,000 $140,000 Annually 100 campers for 12 weeks
27 Champions $5,000 $135,000 Annually 100 campers for 12 weeks
25 Devotees $150 $3,750 Monthly 1 camper per month
50 Supporters $150 $7,500 One Time 1 camper per month

Naming rights to buildings
There are numerous opportunities and levels of giving to help support the Moldova Mission. Naming rights are available for the dining hall, cabins, Hope Houses, welcome center, chapel, infirmary, each of the ball courts and field, pool, Bible huts and parking lot for the following donation levels.

Qty. Entity Donation to Name
1 Dining Hall Complete!
2 Hope/Family Houses Complete!
4 Cabins with 2nd floor $150,000 each Two Under Construction
1 Welcome Center Complete!
1 Chapel Area Complete!
1 Swimming Pool $18,000
1 Infirmary Complete!
1 Basketball Court $12,000
1 Soccer Field $10,000
1 Volleyball Court $8,000
1 Parking Lot $8,000
6 Bible Huts Complete!
Moldova Mission is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible.